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~Barter~ [userpic]

Current Mission Status

June 24th, 2009 (04:42 pm)

current mood: hot
current song: "Save Our City" -- Ludo

Hrm. Well. Operation Livejournal is not going all that smoothly. It's not the poor Livejournal's fault, of course. It's all Robbie's fault. Robbie, my darling laptop, seems to have a problem recognizing his own battery right now, and so isn't charging correctly and is running extra super slow and has a personal vendetta against Livejournal. No worries, though, as a new (expensive, argh) battery is on its way as we speak! I hope. Unless, aliens declared war on all postal workers and my new battery got exploded in a laser beam skirmish.

On the bright side, I've been playing with fanfiction. Specifically a giant Death Note AU (Hot Priest Mihael on a street corner!) based on a prompt from our generators that Elise got, which challenenged her to make all the good characters evil and the evil characters good. Which is really tricky, because everyone is really so gray area, especially when you start focusing on the minor characters. But it's shaping up really fun, and centers on the escapades of a well-meaning detective named Beyond, his hacker son/brother/roommate/caretaker/partner Matt, and their attempts at thwarting the nefarious chop shop run by Jailbait Nate and the brainwashing cult run by Hot Priest Mihael. Nate and Mihael's new nicknames courteous of Matt, of course.

And then there's my other project...

Well. Spain. Romano. You know I adore it like whoa. Still, I was having trouble actually getting them in my head in a solid enough way to write them. So I turned to my loyal minion Anthony, to whom I read Poland/Lithuania fanfics over the phone and who has been pestering me endlessly to write some new fanfic of my own. I told him to give me a couple words to use as prompts and instead of doing ten-word fics, I'd do one-sentence fics. When I said a couple words, I had meant maybe five or ten. He came back with two hundred prompts. So I've been working on those, and it's been awesome. Like the first twenty or thirty were kind of fail while I was trying to get into the swing of things, but after that it's all clicked into place and has been really fun. I'll probably end up turning at least a couple of them into fanfics and/or posting the one-sentence results here, after I clean them up a bit. I'm almost up to number ninety!