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~Barter~ [userpic]

September 6th, 2009 (02:37 pm)

current mood: silly
current song: "Please Don't Leave Me" - Pink

So, the world hates me at the moment. These are probably the most ridiculous things in the world to let bother me, but I'm a Beth so I guess it's just my lot in life. The only thing I can do is post an entry about it on livejournal and move on with life. Besides, I don't post half as often as I should.

1. So. I was making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and I pulled out the mayo. That's when I saw that this was not just any mayo. This was mayo MADE WITH OLIVE OIL. What? I've never made homemade mayonnaise without olive oil. I mean, that's one of the key ingredients. Olive oil, eggs and vinegar, plus whatever spices look interesting. So if the mayonnaise I ate today was MADE WITH OLIVE OIL, what was all the other store-bought mayo I've eaten in my life made with?

2. For the past week or so I've had recurring nightmares about the British Empire. Like, really scary ones, too! They've been waking me up every day at around four am with a serious case of the hiccups. I don't mean "Ooh, my chest hurts! Make it stop!" hiccups. I mean "WHY HAVE I HAD THE HICCUPS FOR SIXTEEN HOURS. PLEASE KILL ME NOW." hiccups. I've tried every cure known to man, from holding my breath to getting scared to a spoonful of sugar under the tongue.

3.So, my friend Anthony and I are fans of the Hetalia kink meme. We're dorks and have gotten in the habit of acting out a couple stories of the sillier, non-explicit over the phone with each other each night. It's awesome. I'm also on the kink meme to write stories, though. I've got the superhero!Spain fic, which I'm terrible about keeping anonymous about and then I've got another fic which I'm horribly embarrassed of because I hate admitting that I like this pairing. Well. Yeah. Anthony picked THAT story to read with me one night and didn't even let on that he knew perfectly well that it was my story until the end, when he laughed at me. I hate boys and I hate having a distinctive writing style.