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~Barter~ [userpic]

Eighty-Five Spain/Romano Sentences

August 17th, 2009 (12:47 am)

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Alright! So I've finally finished sorting through the two hundred one-sentence fanfics that Anthony dared me to do way-back-when, and I have picked out the eighty-five that I can show off without hiding my face in shame afterward. Go me!

1 - Last

The last time Spain had tried kissing Romano, it had ended
disastrously, but it was still entirely worth it.

2 - Wrong

Sometimes, Romano still thought that Spain loved Feliciano more than
him, but on those occasions, Spain took great joy in proving him

3 - Gentle

When Spain stumbled in, bruised and beaten and smiling crookedly,
Romano frowned and touched him gently on the cheek before turning
briskly away, muttering about the idiotic scrapes Spain was always
getting himself into.

4 - One

"Become one with Spain?" Spain asked, with a wide, self-mocking smile.

5 - Learn

Romano had learned early on how to love Spain, but he'd never quite
gotten the knack of expressing it.

6 - Blur

When Spain's form was blurred by Romano's tears, Romano could almost
pretend that Spain wasn't as bruised and bloody as he was.

7 - Change

Neither of them had the ambition to really change the world, but
together, they felt like they could.

8 - Picture

Romano could never be the artist his brother was, but Spain's eyes,
Spain's tilted grin, Spain's hair ruffled in the breeze, made him want
to pick up a brush and paint.

9 - Fool

"I love you best," Spain said, placing a kiss on top of a sulking
Romano's head, "and you're a fool for ever thinking otherwise."

10 - Child

Romano bit his lip angrily, stifling his usual litany of curses,
determined to prove once and for all to Spain that he was not a child

11 - Shadow

There was something of a shadow that appeared sometimes in Spain's
eyes, and Romano never knew how to react to it.

12 - Goodbye

Romano wasn't ready to say goodbye, damnit.

13 - Hide

Whenever Romano was really, truly upset about something, he would
always hide in his room with the door locked, knowing that even though
Spain had a key, he'd still give Romano his space.

14 - Safe

"Protect me from France, you bastard!" Romano yelled, flinging himself
into Spain's arms.

15 - Book

Spain wore reading glasses, Romano observed as he walked into the
room, and it was the only coherent thought that entered his mind for
the next few hours.

16 - Never

"Never," Romano said as coldly and firmly as he could muster, but
Spain just grinned because he could hear the lie in Romano's voice.

17 - Sing

Romano was cute when he put a bit of effort into it, but he was
beautiful without trying when he was smiling and singing with his

18 - Sudden

The first time Romano kissed Spain, it was so sudden that Spain
wouldn't have been sure it had happened if it weren't for the tingling
in his lips and Romano's cherry tomato blush.

19 - Stop

It wasn't until Spain was kissing Romano during the quiet lull after a
thunderstorm that he realized that Romano didn't tell him to stop

20 - Time

Spain had once been a pirate, an invader, a conqueror, but now he was
happy listening to Romano complain about his cooking.

21 - Wash

Romano learned quickly to never, ever let Spain wash his hair for him.

22 - History

To say that they had history was a bit of an understatement.

23 - Bother

In the second week of their relationship, Spain caught on to the fact
that a snappish "Don't bother me!", furrowed eyebrows, and a subtle
tilt of the head that exposed his neck was Romano's way of telling
Spain to kiss him.

24 - God

Spain had kissed every part of Romano's body, except the gouged out,
shiny scar in his hip that was the Vatican City.

25 - Naked

"I didn't realize you showered so naked..." Romano stammered as his
brain completely shut down after accidentally walking in on Spain.

26 - Harm

It wasn't that Romano trusted the idiot or anything, but he found
himself not quite so afraid of people like France because he knew that
Spain would save him.

27 - Beginning

Romano can't actually remember when he first met Spain, but he figures
he was probably wearing a dress at the time.

28 - When?

Spain vividly remembers when he first met Romano, because Romano was
wearing a really cute little dress.

29 - Crossdressing

Romano isn't sure whether he should be annoyed, embarrassed for
flattered when he sees the trunk of old dresses and childhood portraits
of him wearing said dresses that Spain keeps in his storage closet, so
he settles with punching Spain in the face.

30 - Broken

Spain is glad that his nose isn't broken, and decides it can't hurt to
ask Romano to try on a more modern maid dress.

31 - Handcuffs

When Spain had bought the fuzzy handcuffs, he hadn't thought that he'd
be the one cuffed to the bedposts.

32 - Favorite Teacher

"Teach me how to do that thing you do with your tongue," Romano
ordered, flushed and not quite meeting Spain's eyes.

33 - Cold Hands

"Spain, you bastard!" Romano yelped.

34 - Lower Lip

Romano is pretty sure that if he pouts his lower lip a bit and asked, Spain would give him the world, but Romano isn't willing to surrender his dignity and try it.

35 - Papercut

"It doesn't even hurt all that much! Just keep your lips away from it, damnit!" Romano shrieked, holding his left hand as far away from Spain as possible.

36 - Lying

Spain can always tell Romano is lying by the furrow in his brow and the way his mouth scrunches up at the corners; it always happens when Romano is yelling about just how much he hates Spain.

37 - Blindfold

"No matter how tempting, aim for the pinata, not for my crotch," Spain instructed as he tied the blindfold around Romano's head.

38 - Cigarettes

Romano leaned against the dark brick wall, fedora tipped low over his face, one hand fingering the gun on his hip and a lazy curl of cigarette smoke floating into the air... until Spain yanked the cigarette from his lips and began lecturing him about lung cancer.

39 - Bubblegum

Romano looked personally affronted when he realized that the kiss had merely been an excuse for Spain to steal his gum.

40 - Passing notes

"Shall I read this out loud to the class?" Professor Rome asked, trying not to take too much pleasure in the way Spain sunk down in his chair and the embarrassed red blush that spread across his grandson Romano's face.

41 - Mask

"Just because we're at a masquerade doesn't mean I don't recognize you. You can't just get away with stuff like that, idiot!" Romano spluttered, trying and failing to remove Spain's hand from its comfortable perch on his ass.

42 - Hot

Spain was weeding the garden, sweat trickling down the line of his arched spinal cord while Romano sat in the shade of the porch, trying not to watch.

43 - Virgin

"But all those girls!" Spain exclaimed, mouth open in surprise.

44 - Charming

How was it that Romano could be so sweet, so flirtatious, so downright
charming when he was with a pretty girl, but such a demanding brat
when he was with his boyfriend?

45 - Ocean

Spain sighed, a satisfied smile crossing his face as he laid back in
the sand, feeling the waves lap at the very tips of his toes while the
sounds of Romano's losing battle against the fiddler crabs filled the

46 - Work

"No," Romano said.

47 - Pirates

As Romano walked into Spain's house, he caught the barest glimpse of a
hat with feathers before he found himself flat on his back with Spain,
grinning and dressed in full pirate regalia, on top of him saying
"Consider yourself pillaged."

48 - Accent

Sometimes, Romano got so caught up in the melodic twists and fluxes in
Spain's voice that he forgot to listen to what he was actually saying.

49 - Laundry

Romano leaned again the rumbling dryer, waiting for Spain to finish
matching his socks.

50 - Roses

What with Romano's attitude towards France, Spain thought that orchids
would be a better option.

51 - Obsession

"You sure complain about Spain a lot. It's kind of like you're
obsessed with him!" Feliciano said happily, oblivious to the shocked
outrage that crossed his brother's face at those words.

52 - Jealousy

"Stay away from him, France," Spain said, with a posessive fire in his
eyes that France hadn't seen in a long, long time.

53 - Strangers

Romano was always outraged when strangers assumed they were a couple,
even though it was true.

54 - Sister

All of a sudden, Romano had an influx of old girlfriends calling him
and giving sisterly advice about flirting with men, dating men, and
pleasing his man in bed and he had no idea why -- until he saw the
wide, amused smirk on Spain's face.

55 - Being sent flowers

"If he thinks I'm going to forgive him just because of -- him -- he --
how did he know my favorite flowers, anyways?" Romano demanded.

56 - If

Spain loved his cute and obedient charge, Feliciano, but he always
felt like something was missing, and sometimes, he sort of wished he'd
been allowed to take care of Romano, the passionate, loudmouthed boy
who from all reports was causing all sorts of trouble for Roderich.

57 - Time travel

"And stay away from France, be sure to eat a lot of tomatoes so you'll
grow up big and strong and don't... Well. Don't be too hard on that
bastard Spain. He doesn't always deserve it," Romano lectured the
grumpy looking child in front of him.

(bonus: In reply, the child headbutted him. Hard.)

58 - Submissive

For all of Romano's loud protests and shouting and brattiness, all it
really took to change him into a passive ball of non-agressive fluff
was a feather-light kiss to his neck, just under his jaw.

59 - Enemies

They were tainting, twisting, manipulating him, but even Romano had to
admit that the mafia had style, and upon seeing Romano trying on a
pinstriped suit and fedora, Spain was inclined to agree.

60 - Dark

Romano looked all over the house and finally found Spain in an old
storage closet, staring with a dark gleam in his eye at a sword
mounted on the wall.

61 - Middle

Spain slept sprawled out in the middle of the bed and it just so
happened that was where Romano preferred to sleep too, so it wasn't
like Romano was cuddling him on purpose or anything.

62 - Photograph

Spain has old portraits of Romano posing, frowning and in ruffles, and
old Polaroids of Romano, frowning and looking like he'd rather be
anywhere else, and not-so-old digital pictures of Romano frowning and
staring nonplussed at the camera, but his favorite picture is a recent
candid picture taken on a camera phone, of Spain and Romano, both
smiling and laughing in the bright Italian sun.

63 - Hours

It took three hours for Romano to realize he missed Spain, twelve
hours before he admitted it, fifty-three hours before he admitted it
to Spain, and fifty-three hours and one minute before Spain announced
he was on his way home.

64 - Triangle

When they held hands, there was a tiny triangle-shaped gap where their
hands didn't quite meld together in the smooth, jigsaw puzzle piece
way the rest of their hands did.

65 - Phone sex

Spain managed to get out an overly cheesy "So, what are you wearing
right now?" before Romano slammed the phone back down on the receiver,
blushing furiously.

66 - Breakfast

Spain had a stressful, busy, too-late night followed by a stressful,
busy, too-early morning, so Romano made a big breakfast and set it by
his bed half a minute before Spain's alarm was set to go off, only to
deny ever doing such a thing later.

67 - Air

Romano yanked himself away from the kiss and Spain cringed, expecting
the usual litany of insults and curses, but Romano just sucked in a
much-needed lungful of air before leaning back in to continue the

68 - Lost

"I'm not lost. Your cities are just too confusing! Now come and find
me, you bastard!" Romano snapped into the phone.

69 - Rumors

"I heard a rumor about you two," France says, probably just to piss
them off but Spain can't resist replying with a flippant "It's
probably true."

70 -Summer Job

Antonio stopped by every afternoon for a scoop of gelato, not because
the gelato was particularly good but because he'd challenged himself
to make the grumpy cashier smile at least once by the end of the

71 - Thunder

Romano woke with a shot of panicked adrenaline upon hearing the
rumbling roar of the thunder, but as he was preparing himself for the
terrifying rush to Spain's room, Spain himself wandered sleepily into
Romano's room and pulled Romano back into bed, murmuring something
vaguely comforting before passing out, half-sprawled on top of Romano.

72 - Amnesia

Spain's eyes fluttered open slowly and Romano felt a relief rush
through him until he realized that there was no recognition in those
familiar green eyes.

73 - Library

Romano was there for the cute librarian working the reference desk, and Spain was there to pay an overdue fine, but somehow they found themselves (or rather Romano's cute librarian found them) making out in the history section.

74 - School

There was no way Romano was sitting at his usual lunch table, not with his brother's idiotic new boyfriend already sitting there in his chair, so Romano made a sharp left and sat down next to his surprised looking lab partner, Spain, who he was pretty sure he'd never had a non-chemical compound related conversation with in his entire high school career.

75 - Restraints

This was definitely worse than the mishap with the tomato paste, Romano thought as Spain walked up to him, wearing what he probably thought was a sexy expression and swinging a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

76 - Cowboys

"Did you decide to raid America's closet?" Romano demanded, but despite the derisive tone in his voice, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the leather chaps.

77 - Voyeur

This wasn't what they'd expected when Kiku had politely asked them to pose for a few pictures.

78 - McDonald's

One of America's arms was around Spain's waist and the other was around Romano's (tighter, since Romano is more likely to squirm away than Spain), as he murmured in tempting, seductive tones about international franchises.

79 - PDA

"Not in front of the potato bastard. He'd probably get some kind of sick enjoyment out of watching us," Romano snapped, purposefully loud enough for Germany to hear as he brushed off Spain's affectionate hands.

80 - Blind

When Romano agreed to let Feliciano set him up on a blind date, he'd expected the very worst, so when he showed up at the restaurant with a dozen roses in hand and found Spain waiting for him, even he had to concede that Spain wasn't the worst person who could have shown up.

(bonus: Later it would turn out that Spain had shown up by accident, but was so pleased with Romano being affectionate that he never bothered to correct him. Gilbert, who'd been the one Feliciano had sent, had been unperturbed by his blind date's lack of arrival, getting distracted by the wine list and an irritable gun aficionado. In fact the only one put out by the results of the evening was Feliciano, who'd already started planning a double brother wedding.)

81 - Hero Worship

Sometimes Spain wondered what it would be like if Romano adored him and hero worshipped him the way he'd always not-so-secretly wanted, but then Romano would reward him with a rare, bright grin that Spain would have taken for granted if he hadn't worked so hard to earn it.

82 - Dominant

Spain didn't mind when Romano was his usual bossy self, even in bed, but sometimes he needed to remind Romano why he was Boss Spain.

83 - Conspiracy

Spain and Romano stared in awed disbelief at the intricate crop circle where their thriving tomato field had been the night before.

84 - First Kiss

Spain leaned in quickly, all anxious, flurried movement as Romano stood stock still, not-resisting but too nervous to give any Spain encouragement.

85 - End

Spain and Romano spent the end of the day sprawled out in Spain's yard, kissing sunset pinks and reds into each others' cheeks.


Posted by: accio abarero! (abarero)
Posted at: August 17th, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)

Hee, these are awesome~ Oh Romano XD

Also: Gilbert, who'd been the one Feliciano had sent, had been unperturbed by his blind date's lack of arrival, getting distracted by the wine list and an irritable gun aficionado.

*cough*Switzerland*cough* XD

Posted by: ~Barter~ (whethervain)
Posted at: August 18th, 2009 11:30 pm (UTC)
Italy Brothers

You only have yourself to blame for Switzerland's sneaky cameo, you know. Well. You and Kelly and Bethany, really. I blame all three of you pretty equally.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by: bluffee (bluffee)
Posted at: July 17th, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)

Oh my, I'm embarrassingly [almost] a year late, but I would really love to let you know how all these simple sentences delighted me wholeheartedly!! This really made my day ;A;

I'd just like to know, do you have an account in FF.net? I'd be happy to read some of your fics. It most definitely won't be disappointing to read them ;D

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